Apply for the seal of quality

The vision

To establish an Initiative to increase value added within the EU area in a sustainable way, with a licensed quality seal of origin for consumers, producers and service providers.

What we want to achieve

A number of different quality seals are used within Europe. However, most of these seals are national designations and there is no specific EU-wide umbrella brand with high recognition value. The Initiative has come up with this umbrella brand in the form of the registered “MADE IN EU” quality seal of origin. This will enable the transnational labelling of products from the EU area.

Ongoing communication with end customers and publicity measures regarding the quality seal will help to enhance its brand value and positioning.

In the end, it is we as customers ourselves who can change our purchasing behaviour and make a clear decision to purchase products made in the EU. By doing so, we are opting for certified quality, compliance with all EU regulations on environmental protection or occupational health and safety, for example, and promoting and strengthening our economy.

It's the right

time for a

new vision!



from the EU.


The licensing criteria are examined once the registration process is complete and all details have been provided. Sustainable production in EU Member States (making up at least 80% of any value added) and compliance with EU regulations and standards are key requirements to a licence being granted.
Details regarding the Licensing Agreement


  • Uniform and standardised product labelling with the licensed quality seal of origin for the sale of MADE IN EU goods.
  • Impartial testing and inspection to ensure transparency and trust.
  • Promotion of the EU as a place to do business and the local economy.
  • Advertising and communication of the new quality seal of origin to companies and end customers.
  • Ongoing expansion of awareness level, image and brand value.
  • Development and supervision of stakeholder network with representatives from politics, advocacy groups and associations in order to raise public awareness of the quality seal of origin.