Apply for the seal of quality


The annual usage and licence fee for the quality seal amounts to:

for companies with 1 - 50 employees:
€ 2,490.00

Apply for the seal of quality

for companies with 51 - 250 employees:
€ 2,990.00

Apply for the seal of quality

for companies with more than 250 employees:
€ 3,490.00

Apply for the seal of quality

An employee is regarded as any individual employed by the company, including part-time employees.

The remuneration amount is net plus the respectively applicable statutory rate of VAT.

You must use our website to register your products or individual product groups and submit a legally binding application. Once we have received your details, I-MIE GmbH will examine and check all of the necessary criteria have been met based on the evidence provided. This is done using internal control systems (such as Intrastat/Eurostat) or, in more complex cases, by way of an external audit conducted by independent auditors.

Once you pass this examination, we can then invoice you the corresponding licence fee. The licence will only be awarded and the quality seal of origin will only be dispatched once payment is received. The Licensing Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. The minimum term is one year.

More detailed information on the object of the Agreement, examination criteria, quality requirements or term or termination of the Agreement can be found in the Licensing Agreement section.