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Our integrity and competence are underpinned by an international advisory committee made up of chosen individuals. This allows us to look after the expanded network structure in Europe in the long term and guarantee to all licensing partners that the resources we have at our disposal will be used in a targeted way.

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Nathalie de Gaulle

Nathalie de GAULLE

Nathalie de GAULLE was co-founder and is the Chair of several European and international enterprises, including in particular in the field of promoting renewable energies and sustainable development goals.

Up until 2018, Nathalie de GAULLE was the elected national representative of French expatriates in the Gulf Cooperation Council and Vice-President of the Consulate Councils of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and Muscat (Sultanate of Oman).

Nathalie de GAULLE is currently a member of the Management Board and Executive Committee of several foundations and associations. She recently joined the Executive Committee of MEDEF Comex40, a group of founders and CEOs aged 40 or under within MEDEF, France's largest employers’ federation.

Nathalie de GAULLE has a Master's in International Affairs, Macroeconomic and International Finance from Sciences-Po Paris and HEC Paris. She also has a Diploma from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.