Apply for the seal of quality


The quality seal of origin of Initiative MADE IN EU aims to bring about the standardised and transparent labelling of your products, as well as on packaging, in catalogues, sales prospectuses, manuals, etc. It can also be used on websites, in e-commerce or other digital media. This in turn provides you with the key advantage of being able to distinguish yourselves from your competitors at the point of sale.

Do you make your products or individual product groups within the European Union? If so, you can become part of the Initiative and apply for the MADE IN EU quality seal of origin!

Raising awareness and encouraging solidarity over local products are processes that have been noted for some time now. With this quality seal of origin, companies now have the opportunity to position themselves to that effect. By linking this with consistent communication to external parties, you will benefit from greater customer identification with your company and the ability to appeal to new customers in a targeted way.

In addition to inspection and licensing duties, Initiative MADE IN EU is also responsible for promoting the quality seal of origin, both to companies as well as to stakeholders and, above all, to end customers. This enhances the awareness level and image value of the brand, which in turn is beneficial to all licensing partners.

Details regarding the Licensing Agreement and Registration.
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Product labelling

Once you have acquired your licence to use the quality seal of origin and associated ID, you will then become part of Initiative MADE IN EU and benefit from all of the associated activities. You will then be entitled to label your licensed products along with your packaging, sales brochures, website and corporate communication.

Your company will also be added to the online database. The database provides end customers with a targeted search function to identify manufacturers who clearly position themselves in favour of production within the EU area (in progress).

Be different -

be part of it.

Clear differentiation

With the MADE IN EU labelling, you will have a clear differentiation over competitors at the point of sale. You are sending a clear signal in favour of sustainable production within the EU area and compliance with all EU regulations and standards.

Quality, a reduced CO2 footprint and measures to safeguard the European economy and related jobs as well as the prosperity of our society are also associated here. These are all aspects that are becomingly increasingly important when making a purchase, whilst also providing a line of reasoning for approaching new customers.

MADE IN EU establishes trust

The MADE IN EU quality seal of origin promotes the quality of products and establishes transparency and trust. Nowadays, customers are increasingly deciding to make purchases based on the European or regional origin of products. Local products, security of supply and environmentally responsible action will also be the building blocks of successful marketing campaigns in the future.



Model for importing countries

A vibrant export economy creates jobs, strengthens the European market and, if nothing else, makes our society more prosperous. Many importing countries located outside of the EU appreciate the reliability and high quality of MADE IN EU products. A strong brand and uniform product labelling are also an indicator of quality, trust and transparency in this regard.