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Initiative MADE IN EU

Increasing value added within the EU area in a sustainable way with a licensed quality seal of origin.
For customers, producers and service providers alike.

® Quality seal of origin with Europe-wide registration at the EUIPO in Alicante.

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How the Initiative started

Europe has not only been heavily affected by the serious crisis arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, but also the following: Ongoing environmental impacts arising from huge transport volumes | Exploitation of weaker industrialised nations owing to low labour costs | Loss of jobs due to production sites relocating | Migration of strategically important production | Loss of value added within our environment and massive dependency on “goodwill” for deliveries of essential goods in times of crisis. All of these points were reasoning for starting Initiative MADE IN EU.

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Strong together

Economic areas like the USA or China are increasingly focused on preserving and supporting their own production. We in the EU also need to strengthen the EU area and its economic power by thinking and acting in unison.

We at MADE IN EU support the revitalising of all kinds of sectors within the EU area. The associated promotion of sustainable production, safeguarding of EU-wide quality standards and continuous improvement in terms of our CO2 footprint are just a few of the objectives related to the Initiative.